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Waverton – North Shore Sydney


Waverton – North Shore Sydney
Cathy, St Ives, NSW
This buyer journey had some last minute twists and turns but it was nothing that our buyers agent couldn't overcome. Cathy reached out to Albion Avenue a few weeks before the scheduled auction of a property she had found at Waverton on Sydney's lower north shore. She was referred to us from a mortgage broker. Cathy's situation was not unlike that of many other property buyers. She had found the ideal home but wasn't going to be in Sydney to bid on the day of auction. She also wasn't sure how much she should pay for the property and whether she might be better off making an offer before auction or waiting. Upon our appointment we quickly inspected the property and provided Cathy with a realistic market appraisal - which not surprisingly was quite different from the agents price guide. We also suggested the best negotiation strategy. With a few weeks left to go in the campaign we were ready and prepared for auction day when out of the blue our buyers agent received a call from the selling agent. They advised that the vendor was now selling prior to auction. But were they really? This is a tactic sometimes used by selling agents to draw out an early offer to 'test the waters' on price. With our many years of experience we know how to test this to make sure we are giving our client's the best chance of securing a property without getting played. After clarifying the situation we knew there was another legitimate offer on the table and we had to get involved. But it wasn't that simple. With the change of timeframe it now meant that our client was interstate, the selling agent was in Sydney and the buyers agent was overseas. But not even time zone differences were going to stop us getting this deal done. After a lengthy discussion with our client we put forward their offer. After a few more tense hours filled with back and forth emails and phone calls a deal was eventually done and at a price below what our client was prepared to pay.

What the client had to say

Shelley was thoroughly professional in her approach and communications from beginning to end. Her industry experience, flexibility and insight were key in securing the property I wanted for a price I was very happy with.

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