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Waverley – Eastern Suburbs Sydney


Waverley – Eastern Suburbs Sydney
Barbara, Randwick, NSW
At auction
This client stumbled across us after reading some of our online articles written about all things auction. Barbara wasn't afraid to admit that after reading a few of our online tips and guides for property buyers on what they need to do to be successful bidding at auction, she still wasn't confident bidding on her own. As experienced buyers agents we are experts at spotting a novice buyer in a crowd at an auction and using it to our advantage. Barbara also had a prior engagement on the day of auction which meant she would be pushing to make the auction time. After making initial contact with us we explained to Barbara how the process worked and what we would need from her to bid on her behalf. Throughout our discussions it also became apparent that she wasn't so sure if the selling agents price guide was accurate or not and she didn't want to be wasting her time only to find out the property sold well above her budget on auction day. Lucky for Barabra we had a solution for both dilemma's. Our experience as buyers agents in Sydney's eastern suburbs meant that we could appraise the property for Barabra before auction and advise her on what we considered to be a reasonable sale price range. She could then decide if this sat within her budget and if she wanted to be in the mix on auction day. After inspecting and appraising the property for Barbara, she then gave us the go ahead to attend the auction and bid on her behalf. Which we did and did successfully. There were three main competitors at the auction including ourselves, of which the other two were obviously nervous and apprehensive. So after kicking things off and placing a couple of early bids we then sat back having everyone think we had reached our limit before re-entering proceedings again towards the end of the auction, surprising the other bidders before ultimately securing the property for Barbara below our maximum bidding limit. A great result all round.

What the client had to say

Thank you so much. You’ve been an amazing help and I definitely could not have done it without you.

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