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Paddington – Inner East Sydney


Paddington – Inner East Sydney
Andrew & Suzie, Paddington, NSW
This client experience was short but so very sweet. Albion Avenue were recommended to Andrew and Suzie by friends of theirs whom we had helped buy for a couple of years earlier in Surry Hills. We like to think that means we must be doing something right. Truth is Andrew and Suzie already had their eye on a particular property in Paddington when they first reached out to us. It had been listed 'off market' initially and they had made an offer to purchase but it had been rejected. While they were keen on this property they also had a great take it or leave it approach and were open to considering other options. They were definitely not interested in paying over the odds. Shortly after appointing us as their buyers agents we inspected the property on their behalf and gave them our thoughts on a realistic sale price range. As it turned out, our price opinion more or less confirmed we were in the general vicinity of their budget but there was still a chance the property might just edge out of reach. We kept a watchful eye on the rest of the market to see what else might pop up but at the same time introduced them to a solicitor to review the contract. With the all clear given from the legal experts and the market starting to show signs it was easing the timing was right to make an offer. As it turned out, terms were just as important as price to the seller and in this case they needed a longer settlement. So late on a Friday afternoon within a couple of weeks of our first inspection contracts were signed and a deal was done. In the end it was less than a month between first meeting Andrew & Suzie that we had secured them a classic inner city terrace in their preferred suburb of Paddington. A perfect family home that they won't grow out of anytime soon.

What the client had to say

Shelley's service has been incredibly professional from the outset. She knows the market, is able to confidently give advice about valuations and strategies and made us feel like we were in safe hands. Shelley's negotiation approach was successful in securing us the house we wanted. We don't think we would have been successful without her. She seamlessly coordinated the solicitor, building and pest inspections, liaising with the vendor's agent and with us. She went out of her way to get it all done in a short time frame, which was incredibly helpful to us as a family with a baby and toddler. Most importantly, she gave us confidence that our first home is the right house for us and at a price we are happy with.

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