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Newtown – Inner West Sydney


Newtown – Inner West Sydney
Johanna, Newtown, NSW
At auction

What the client had to say

I could not have navigated Sydney’s property market without Shelley’s advice and support.  She helped me to secure a great home at the right price. Shelley is a very experienced buyers agent and was always able to provide strategic advice on the right property to purchase, very informative appraisals on each place I was considering and of course her skills at the auction. I was an especially particular client, with many requirements in a property. Shelley patiently assisted me, never pressured to settle on something I wasn’t 100% happy with and was always there at the other end of the phone to provide her thoughts and advice. Shelley really went above and beyond to get me into the right place. Having Shelley around took the anxiety out of house hunting. I highly recommend her to anyone thinking about using a buyers agent.

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