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Newtown – Inner West Sydney


Newtown – Inner West Sydney
Johanna, Newtown, NSW
At auction
It was a real privilege working on this client's brief. Her mother who was located in the United States was doing some research on Sydney buyers agents on behalf of her Australian based daughter, when she first made contact. Perhaps not so well known to most but in the U.S. using a buyers agent is common practice in a real estate transaction. It is actually rare if a purchaser does not have a buyers agent acting on their behalf. In any case, we were grilled by an expert and really had to prove ourselves before we got the green light to act as a buyers agent for our client Johanna. As a first home buyer, Johanna had been doing her homework and was keenly studying the Sydney market when she found a property she fell in love with. Our initial brief was to appraise and bid at auction on a particular property in Sydney's inner west. Which we did albeit unsuccessfully. The property was cute, charming and caught the eye of numerous buyers at the peak of Sydney's buoyant property market. The auction result told a common story we see as buyers agents: limited supply + media frenzy + fear of missing out = emotional bidding and a successful buyer paying too much. Without doubt this is one of the most common mistakes we see property buyers make. Johanna was clearly disappointed, as were we for her, but the property was not worth what it ultimately sold for. After a few weeks of reflection, Johanna came to realise that having someone on her side full time was the best way for her to secure her first home without paying over the odds. So, we started on her search full-time and over a number of months looked at many properties, even bidding at a few auctions - with similar outcomes to the very first - and patiently waited and kept narrowing the focus until we found the perfect first home right on the cusp of Newtown and Enmore in Sydney's popular inner west. After being unsuccessful at the very first auction - over a period of months in what was now a cooling market - we were ultimately successful on the right property. At an equally heavily competed auction as the very first one we attended but this time with 16 registered bidders, a well-executed strategy saw us wear down several nervous and inexperienced bidders until we managed to secure Johanna's first home below the maximum she was prepared to pay. Sometimes it's funny how things turn out.

What the client had to say

I could not have navigated Sydney’s property market without Shelley’s advice and support.  She helped me to secure a great home at the right price. Shelley is a very experienced buyers agent and was always able to provide strategic advice on the right property to purchase, very informative appraisals on each place I was considering and of course her skills at the auction. I was an especially particular client, with many requirements in a property. Shelley patiently assisted me, never pressured to settle on something I wasn’t 100% happy with and was always there at the other end of the phone to provide her thoughts and advice. Shelley really went above and beyond to get me into the right place. Having Shelley around took the anxiety out of house hunting. I highly recommend her to anyone thinking about using a buyers agent.

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