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Leura – Blue Mountains Sydney


Leura – Blue Mountains Sydney
Claire & George, Leura, NSW
Private treaty negotiation
These client’s got in touch with us when they were considering buying their first home together in Sydney’s blue mountains. They were set on a handful of suburbs and knew their budget, but were renting and so they had to wait for their lease to run its course first. We had an initial face to face meeting and established a good rapport from the outset. It was clear we would be compatible working together as a team. Within a month or so of our initial meeting we received the exciting news that Claire and George wanted to proceed with us as their buyers agent. Shortly thereafter we commenced our search and had Claire and George looking at a selection of homes that ticked many of their boxes. After ruling out a couple of contenders we came across a home that had them really excited. It worked on so many levels, not the least of which was location, features, aspect, future opportunity and price. The property had been on the market for a few weeks already and from the enquiries we made we had ascertained that the seller was genuine and committed to a sale. Whilst contemplating making an offer, Claire and George’s solicitor was sent the contract to review. Then after providing an appraisal range to them, we had instructions to make an offer on their behalf. The offer was measured and realistic. It reflected the market, what else was available for sale, how long the property had been listed for sale and also appealed to the seller’s motivation to get a result. After some minor back and forth a price had been agreed. Next came the solicitors feedback on the contract and some potential red flags. There were issues in relation to a drainage easement, which when presented to the seller were dismissed. We listened to their position but were confident our legal advice was sound. We confirmed our interest in the property subject to satisfactory resolution of the drainage issues, but it seemed we had reached a stalemate which was a shame. Our client was committed to buy, but we were dealing with a seller reluctant or unsure of what to do. Important advice for anyone buying real estate is to make your own enquiries and satisfy yourself of all relevant facts before you buy, otherwise you could be taking on someone else’s problems. At this point we took control of the situation and matters in to our own hands. To convince the seller our concerns were legitimate we made our own enquiries with the relevant stakeholders to settle the issue once and for all. This included speaking with Sydney Water, neighbours and plumbing contractors. Still interested in the property we confirmed our offer but with some amendments drafted by the solicitor that appropriately protected our client. Thinking that would be the end of it, it still took some convincing and several weeks of stop start progress before we eventually signed contracts. This client journey was a little bit different to some of our others, but it was equally satisfying when we eventually got it over the line. A wonderful home for a delightful couple.

What the client had to say

My wife and I recently purchased a property in the Blue Mountains. This was the first time either of us had used the services of a buyers agent, although we had heard of them before due to the television programme Escape to the Country. From start to finish Shelley exceeded our expectations in all areas of the process - initial discussion, property search, in depth research of individual property issues and solutions, negotiation and discussion with solicitors and the agent. We would be very happy to recommend Shelley and utilise her services again in the future.

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