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Freshwater – Northern Beaches Sydney


Freshwater – Northern Beaches Sydney
Kristina, Manly, NSW
Private treaty negotiation
It was a real treat working with our client Kristina on her brief. We shared a lot of ups and downs with her throughout her search. Kristina was initially referred to us by her mortgage broker and immediately hit it off with our buyers agent. She knew exactly what she wanted and where she wanted to buy - Sydney's popular northern beaches. More specifically she wanted her first home to be in either Manly or Freshwater. The Sydney market was on fire at the time and our biggest challenge was competing with other home buyers and investors on the slim pickings that were available at the time. Between jaw dropping auction results and cashed up empty nesters paying over the odds, all the good properties seemed to be snapped up in a mere matter of days. Kristina's situation was normal enough or at least so it seemed when we started on her search. Despite living and working here permanently, the rules for buying property for persons like herself where changed midway through her search. All of a sudden she was deemed to be a foreign resident and so even more hoops were introduced for her to jump through. At times it seemed liked she was facing setback after setback and you could have easily forgiven her for giving up. But that was never an option for Kristina who stayed the course. As the government announced proposed increases to stamp duty for foreign residents, through our network of contacts we came across a perfect pre-market opportunity. Ideal property, motivated seller, genuine buyer. But was it too good to be true? In short no it wasn't. After making a realistic but competitive offer and applying subtle pressure with a deadline we got this deal over the line very late one Friday evening.

What the client had to say

Finding a property is comparable to a full-time job and I couldn't fit this into my busy life. Furthermore, being from overseas, the Australian property market was a new unexplored area for me. Appointing Shelley Horton was the best thing I could ever have done. With her vast knowledge of the property market and large network, she did the research and inspections which she then thoroughly reported to me. I could then focus on the apartments that met my criteria. If the inspection didn't fit my calendar, Shelley arranged private inspections with the agents. I also experienced some difficulties with the purchase process since I'm not a permanent resident. I had to go through some time consuming obstacles and experienced several turn downs. Without Shelley's support and expertise I could never have landed this purchase. Now a happy homeowner in Freshwater.

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