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5 Things Empty Nesters Should Consider when Downsizing

By Albion Avenue February 28, 2015

It is no secret that Australia has an increasingly ageing population. Chances are you personally know someone who is considering the prospect of downsizing their principal place of residence. As professional property buyers Albion Avenue often deal with clients who are downsizing. For many, it…

The Impact of Underquoting on a Buyer There has been a lot of talk in the real estate industry of late, about the practice of selling agents deliberately underquoting when providing potential buyers with a price guide for a property. If you, or someone else…

A Sure Fire Winning Auction Strategy

By Albion Avenue February 12, 2015

The Sport of Auction Late last year when the Sydney property market was heating up even more than the summer temperatures, I was out and about pounding the pavement one Saturday searching for a property on behalf of a client. My schedule that day was…

What is a Buyers Agent?

By Albion Avenue February 4, 2015

Knowing What You Don’t Know Ever had someone ask you what you do for a living, and then after you proceed to tell him or her your role or title they stare at you blankly before sheepishly asking ‘so what exactly does that mean?’ Well…

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