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In this year’s federal government budget a number of new rules were announced, as well as changes made to existing ones, that will impact property investors come tax time. As an owner of a rental property, the last thing you want to do is make… Read More »

As a landlord, there are certain circumstances you need to be aware of where you can and can’t increase the rent of a property. The consequences of not knowing what your obligations are can be very costly for property investors. If you know what you… Read More »

For all intents and purposes a property auction is simply a medium through which someone sells a property on a given day. But when it comes to auction bidding things are not quite that simple. Auctions are paid for by the seller and so they cater… Read More »

Anything to do with buying or selling a home where that homes intended purpose is your principal place of residence is fraught with emotion and stress as well as financial and other risks. People often make mistakes when downsizing their principle place of residence, but… Read More »

Buying a property isn’t easy. To do it properly requires a great deal of time, knowledge and planning. In fact, a client who came to me after unsuccessfully trying to buy a home on her own in the very competitive Sydney northern beaches market described… Read More »

When the cost of buying a property is significant enough it begs the question: why spend more money than you need to? But perhaps the better question to ask is: can you afford to deal with hidden problems down the track? I often have a… Read More »

Sometimes when a property is advertised for sale by auction it doesn’t end up selling that way. There are a variety of reasons for why that is, but as a potential buyer it is important that you know how you can take control of an… Read More »

It goes without saying that buying real estate, especially in a global city like Sydney, is not a simple straightforward process. There are so many things to organise and be aware of as a property buyer and equally as many things can go wrong as… Read More »

Buying a property at auction can be a highly stressful experience for would be property buyers who are not familiar with the process. In some cases, the thought of having to bid at auction is so overwhelming a prospective purchaser will outsource the task. Given… Read More »

Over the years I have been lucky enough not only to work with mortgage brokers but also realise the dream of home ownership by personally enlisting their services. The following are a couple of key traits that I have discovered that set great mortgage brokers… Read More »